There once was a blogger/crafter/foodie/wannabe makeup artist/singer/pinterest addict/disney junkie/ketchup enthusiast/future CMO named Melissa. She was a young, twenty-something year old budding marketing expert with big life goals, who possessed the hustle to achieve them. Join her on the epic journey to success– both hers and your own!

Hello, from my laptop to yours! Melissa is my name, and organizing a plethora of awesome marketing tools, tips, and professional resources into one convenient blog is what I do. Today, I am a full-time student, retail supervisor, wife, and doggy mom. Tomorrow, I WILL be a chief marketing officer, and maybe an entrepreneur. Don’t scoff and shake your head (yeah, I know you did) because I hustle, and I hustle hard! I love business in all aspects, and marketing is my passion. If it’s yours too, follow my blogs to see all of the cool things I learn on my journey.